About the grid

Welcome to Dereos.
Some information about the grid.

DEREOS was founded by Akira Sonoda and some users as a group germanspeaking regions in a OpenSim grid. The objective of this group was a stable and performant operation of simulators.

The story of the Dereos Grid (video of the lecture in Berlin) ...

With the increasing occurrence of difficulties as a group of regions in a OpenSim grid and the followingtroubles to garant a stable operation, it came to the following decision:

At sunday, 25. january 2015 all present users of the Dereos group decided to found a own grid. With the help of Freaky Tech, developer of Arriba Sim, this decision was implemented in no time.

And here we are... ArribaSIM & Surabaya! A new hope.


In Dereos we have a few venues...

- Dereos Plaza, die Akibar

- Lys Sandbox, der Pool

- Vivi's Treff

- Malons Riverboat

- German Fun Zone

- Bluewave

Places for building.

-PSSMG Sandbox

-Lys Sandbox


If you are interested you cold contact the administrators for more informations.

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